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Miss Spalding is the Art Lead.

Our Art Ambassadors are Aisha, Lilybeth, Naomi & Xander

The Art Ambassadors support the Art Subject Leader to promote and monitor their subject. They are involved with gathering pupil voice, looking at children’s art work and sketch books and they share their love of art. They are both passionate and enthusiastic!


At Horbury Primary Academy, we value and are dedicated to the teaching of Art, viewing this as a fundamental part of school life that enables our children to express their feelings and emotions in creative ways. We are committed to providing an ‘Arts Rich Curriculum’ for our children by exposing them to high quality art lessons linked to different cultures and time periods. Children will have the opportunity to research famous artists, architects and designers, from both the past and the present, in order to inspire them to think creatively and develop artistic understanding.

It is of utmost importance that Art lessons have purpose and that children are aware of the outcomes and have something to aspire and compare their work too. Furthermore, staff have intentions to enhance children’s cultural capital within Art by inspiring them and making them aware of further opportunities in the wider world linked to Art and Design. We encourage children to think critically and develop an understanding of Art. We teach children how Art has shaped our history and how it can influence future generations as well as contributing to the culture, creativity and wealth of our nation.

It is our aim for children to be reflective and evaluative by critiquing existing artwork. Children are also encouraged to celebrate their own artwork and to also evaluate and improve upon their work. Our aim is to allow children to experiment in Art and not be afraid to take risks.

When children leave Horbury Primary Academy, we aim for our children to have developed:

  • A passion for exploring Art through exploring different cultures
  • Confidence in exploring and mastering a range of artistic techniques linked to different mediums (e.g. drawing, painting, sculptures etc.)
  • Obtained knowledge on a wide variety of artists, architects and designers making links to their own work.
  • The ability to connect emotionally with their art work by expressing and capturing different moods
  • An awareness and have been given an insight into the opportunities available to them if Art is something that they would like to choose to take further in the future


In order to deliver a creative and inspiring Art curriculum, we will ensure a consistent and progressive approach across our school, which enables the children to develop as artists. We will implement a carefully planned Art curriculum with the involvement of the Art team, senior leadership team, class teachers and teaching assistants, which reflects the expected Art outcomes outlined in the National Curriculum.

Class teachers will be expected to:

  • Deliver inspiring and engaging Art lessons.
  • Raise the profile of Art and Design in school through themed weeks (Take One Picture)
  • Celebrate and display children’s creative flair.
  • Have a clear understanding of the key assessment criteria and knowledge.
  • Carefully plan a cycle of lessons that build upon previous skills and knowledge and facilitate for progression within the subject.
  • Extend learning opportunities through school trips, workshops and visitors particularly museums/ art galleries.
  • Develop links between Art and the local community where appropriate.
  • Allow for inclusion in terms of religion, race, cultures, age abilities and gender.
  • Give children opportunities to reflect on and evaluate their work.
  • Expose children to future opportunities within the subject.


Through our curriculum, our ultimate aim is for children to become competent artists and have the ability and desire to explore and challenge themselves within the subject. We want children to develop and build upon key skills as they transition through school whilst also being able to express themselves and explore Art through their imaginations.

When leaving Horbury Primary Academy, the children will have:

  • Developed high levels of enjoyment and engagement in Art lessons.
  • Gained confidence and become efficient when using a range of artistic techniques.
  • Developed knowledge and understanding of famous artists, architects and designers.
  • Confidence critiquing and expressing their opinions about a piece of Art work.
  • The tools and passion to explore Art and Design in the future
"I like art because it's peaceful."
"Art is a great way to express emotions."
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