Design & Technology

Design & Technology

  • Long Term Plan Design and Technology 2019-20


“Design and technology is thinking made visual”

“An invention has to make sense in the world it finishes in, not the world it was designed in”

Design Technology is a National Curriculum Foundation subject.

Children are encouraged to develop their design and technological capability by combining their designing and making skills with knowledge and understanding, in order to design and make purposeful products.

The children are encouraged to research and develop ideas first through discussions around their design criteria, then record ideas using sketches, labelled drawings and computer technology before the making stage.

Experience of simple tools, construction kits and a range of materials enable the children to turn their ideas into finished products. Throughout the making process, the children complete a selection of focused practical tasks aimed at developing an understanding and accuracy when applying new skills.

Discussions and evaluation of their results lead the children to think of developments that could be made, and suggestions of alternative methods. These evaluations are made throughout the process and not just at the end.

We also have a designated cooking room where each child is able to prepare and cook an item each half term.


Design and Technology Week

During D&T week, we celebrate Design and Technology throughout school providing opportunities for the children to research a host of famous inventors and the history of existing products. From this research, the children are then encouraged to create their own innovative designs linked to how products may be developed in the future whilst also been able to discuss how each design will aid the product and how it will function.

Design focus:

  • Year 1 design a teddy bear suitable for a picnic
  • Year 2 design a futuristic scooter
  • Year 3 design the perfect shopping trolley
  • Year 4 design trainers with super hero powers
  • Year 5 design the perfect chair for the classroom
  • Year 6 design a bike for the future
    As well as this, each year group completes a STEM challenge which builds upon their prior learning in both D&T and Science; the week also encourages cross-curricular links with maths, reading and computing. Through the STEM challenges, our children are required to work collaboratively using a host of tools and materials (many of which are recycled), evaluate their products throughout the making process and create design solutions to solve problems.

D&T Stem challenges:

  • Year 1 design and make healthy kebabs for a teddy bear’s picnic
  • Year 2 build upon their knowledge of free standing structures to construct weight bearing bridges
  • Year 3 use their prior knowledge of axels and wheels to create a self-propelled car
  • Year 4 use their understanding of simple mechanisms to create super hero gadgets
  • Year 5 use their science knowledge linked to changing state in order to produce gas powered boats
  • Year 6 develop their understanding of strengthening structures, angles and forces to create marble runs
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