Disclosure and Barring Service

Disclosure and Barring Service

Disclosure and Barring Service

All candidates securing employment at Horbury Primary Academy will be subject to the following employment checks in order to confirm suitability to work with children and young people:-

  • The Barred List;
  • The Prohibited Order (National College for Teaching and Leadership) for teaching posts only;
  • An Enhanced DBS certificate.

As a prospective employee at Horbury Primary Academy, you will need to be aware that since May 2013, standard and enhanced checks no longer disclose ALL cautions and convictions. Following a Court of Appeal ruling, the Government introduced a process of ‘filtering’.

‘Filtering’ is similar in its concept to the rehabilitation periods under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974. However, instead of establishing what is ‘spent’ and so what doesn’t get disclosed on a basic check, ‘filtering’ establishes what doesn’t get disclosed on a standard or enhanced DBS check. In the first 3 months that it operated, 8,344 individuals had a conviction filtered, and 27,903 had a caution filtered.

Information that is filtered will be removed from a DBS check automatically the next time you apply for one. But it doesn’t get ‘removed’ or ‘wiped’ from police records. In practice, it means that if you’re applying for a job or role that involves a DBS check, you are legally entitled to withhold the details of anything that would now be filtered.

Cautions – Multiple cautions can be filtered, so long as the offences are eligible and the relevant time period has passed for each. Each caution is dealt with separately.

Convictions – Only single convictions that didn’t lead to a suspended or custodial sentence can be filtered, so long as the offence is eligible and the relevant time period has passed.

Please refer to the following link with regard to the filtering rules for record check certificates:-


Please refer to the following link with regard to the list of offences that will never be filtered from a DBS certificate:-


We will ask candidates at both the application stage and the interview stage to provide details of convictions and cautions but only those that we are legally entitled to know in line with the above guidance.

Please contact the Human Resources Manager on 01924 282749, who will help and advise you, should you need further assistance.

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