Physical Education and Sport

Physical Education and Sport

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Meet the PE Team

The P.E subject leads are Mrs Cartwright and Miss Moody.



“For all children in Horbury Primary Academy to experience high-quality physical education, school sport and physical activity that will lead to life-long participation.”

At Horbury Primary Academy, planning for the PE curriculum sets high expectations and provides opportunities for all pupils to achieve, regardless of their previous experiences or abilities.

All pupils benefit from high quality PE provision and there is significant evidence to show that this supports other learning through cross-curricular links. It also contributes to healthy and active lifestyles, improves emotional well-being and mental health, increases attendance and develops key skills such as leadership, confidence, social and team building skills. Our PE curriculum aims to ensure that all pupils develop the fundamental skills and competence to excel in a wide range of physical activities by providing a broad and balanced curriculum with opportunities for all to enjoy.

Our high quality PE curriculum develops physical literacy and allows pupils to learn about themselves; the importance of a healthy lifestyle; self-expression and concepts such as fair play and respect. It also contributes to the personal development of a range of important cognitive skills such as decision-making and analysis and social skills such as teamwork and communication.

Physical education encourages pupils to be active and supports them in their understanding of how to participate safely and effectively. They understand the barriers to participation and work to overcome these for themselves and others.  Our PE curriculum is inclusive and ensures that pupils of all abilities access the range of activities we offer and that they are physically active for sustained periods in order to encourage them to lead healthy, active lives.

Horbury Primary Academy is an active school, incorporating activity breaks throughout the day in the classroom, which is in addition to the two hours of timetabled PE. Horbury Primary Academy and puts a high importance on all aspects of PE, including a wide range extra-curricular sport and activity provision. All pupils are encourage to attend extra-curricular activities – which complement their weekly PE sessions. This provision focuses on increasing activity levels as well as preparing children for competitions.

All teaching staff have access to regular CPD in their chosen areas of development for PE. They follow a structured programme of CPD, which includes observations, delivery and feedback as well as time to improve their lessons. All staff follow and adapt planning and use the Power of PE scheme as well as bespoke gymnastics and dance planning. Staff regularly assess in PE formatively and use this to knowledge to plan and differentiate.

PE and Sport provides regular opportunities for children to develop personal skills such as perseverance, risk taking, independence, determination and enthusiasm.

‘Obstacles don’t have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it’ Michael Jordan (American NBA Basketballer)


Pupils at Horbury Primary Academy participate in weekly high quality PE and sporting activities.  Our PE curriculum incorporates a variety of sports to ensure all children develop the confidence and appreciation of their own abilities and areas that require improvement. We provide opportunities for all children to engage in extra-curricular activities before, during and after school, in addition to competitive sporting events. This is an inclusive approach, which endeavours to encourage not only physical development but also well-being. Furthermore, part of the CPD focuses on working with SW coaching – who provide planning, training with staff and an assessment tool, which ensures progression through each area of the PE curriculum.

Horbury Primary Academy will be expected to:

  • Deliver two PE sessions per week (indoor and outdoor)
  • Allow for cross curriculum links when planning. For example, actually experiencing the physical effects on the body from physical activity in science, running/ jumping for different durations of time so children can actually experience lengths of time in maths, measuring heights of jumps or throwing, writing match reports for English, researching historical sporting events or sporting heroes.
  • Allow children to experience competitive situations through competitions both in and outside of school.
  • All children to be aware of the School Games Values (honesty, respect, determination, teamwork, passion and self-belief) and identify these within lessons.
  • All staff will be good role models in leading an active and healthy lifestyle. They will demonstrate to children how to lead a healthy lifestyle
  • All children will be encouraged to wear suitable PE kit.
  • All staff will display good subject knowledge in areas of PE, which they deliver for the year group.
  • All staff will differentiate, taking into account the needs of their children.
  • All staff will continually assess formatively across each half term.
  • Offer opportunities for staff to develop their CPD whereby they can work with experts in the field and learn from their work ethic and demonstrations of good practice. This includes furthering their subject knowledge in healthy eating and cooking.
  • Offer a wide variety of extra -curricular clubs for children.
  • All children will represent school either for participation and fun or in a competitive context by the time that they leave primary school.
  • Encourage and target non- active children within school to experience and take part in some type of physical activity and competition
  • Celebrate sporting achievements regularly and where possible invite parents.
  • All children will have the opportunity to see a live sporting event and be able to hear from guest speakers from all backgrounds in order to develop their awareness of the wider world to develop their ambitions.
  • Children will be encouraged to read a variety of genres from the sporting world and literature based on leading healthy active lives to enhance their understanding further.


Through the delivery of high quality PE and regular opportunities to participate in extra-curricular clubs and competitions, children will leave Horbury Primary Academy:

  • Having reached their goals in PE, with secure fundaments in each area of the PE curriculum – which will equip and prepare them for secondary PE.
  • Knowing what a warm up and cool down is and why it is important.
  • Knowing how exercise affects the body.
  • Have an understanding of the School Games Values and recognise their importance in PE, sport and physical activity.
  • Knowing how to move themselves forward in order to make progression in a least one area of PE.
  • Having represented the school either competitively or for participation and Fun.
  • With an enjoyment for the subject and a passion in their chosen sport or activity that they will aim to continue throughout their life.
  • With a clear understanding of the importance of PE, Sport and physical activity and will be able to explain and show how to lead an active and healthy life both physically and mentally.
  • Understand the risk factors involved in not leading a healthy active life.
  • Will be aware of the club links in the local area and/or will know how to access club links.
  • Having a cultural awareness of sport in other countries (for example, sport relief, sports week)
  • Having an awareness of charitable links and how sport can have an impact upon those in need


For any information on the Primary Sports Grant for PE and Sport, please select the Our School tab, then please select Premium Funding and finally Sports Premium Funding. This will then provide all the details on the Primary Sports Grant at Horbury Primary Academy.

All schools must provide swimming instruction in either Key Stage 1 or 2. The children at Horbury Primary Academy attend swimming lessons in Year 4. In particular, pupils should be taught to:

  • swim competently, confidently and proficiently over a distance of at least 25 metres
  • use a range of strokes effectively (for example, front crawl, backstroke and breaststroke)
  • perform safe self-rescue in different water-based solutions

Due to COVID 19 – swimming was curtailed in the academic year 2019-20.  Children who were in Year 4 at the time had swimming lessons up until January of 2020 at Ossett Academy before transferring to Normanton. 

Swimming lessons now take place at Sun Lane Swimming Baths in Wakefield.

 School Games Website


Horbury Primary Academy takes part in the weekly Parkrun at Wakefield Thornes Park, which is held at on a Sunday morning at 9am. To register your child please use the following website link:

Our nickname is Horbury Allstars

If you require further information, please ask for a letter at the school office, which explains the registration details.

School Competitions

Children at Horbury Academy are involved in cluster competitions that then progress through to the Wakefield Games and West Yorkshire Games.

Club Links

We encourage our children to undertake physical activity and competitive sport outside of school hours. Many of our children are active participants at various clubs in the district.

Horbury Primary Academy Awards

Horbury Primary Academy was awarded The School Games Gold Award for the second year running.

in June 2019, Horbury Primary Academy was awarded the Yorkshire award for Primary PE and Sport Premium at the Harrogate Pavilion.  Earlier on in the academic year, we were awarded the West Yorkshire award for Primary PE and Sport Premium.  A video was submitted for the Yorkshire award and the link is below:

  • Cluster Competition & Games

  • Wakefield Competitions & Festivals

  • Wakefield Phoenix Netball Club

  • Tennis & Hockey Clubs

  • Wakefield Wildcats Netball

  • Dance Explosion

  • City of Wakefield Golf Club

  • Wakefield Harriers


Keep Active videos

Here are some active videos that Mrs Cartwright and her daughter Martha have recorded.  They have been designed to help you to practise and develop your PE skills.  They will help you to keep active at home.



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The Accord Multi Academy Trust is an educational charity established in September 2016 that is currently made up of four academies who were the founding members of the Trust. In September 2016 Horbury Academy and Ossett Academy & Sixth Form College came together, moving away from their stand-alone Trust status and were joined in December 2016 by Horbury Primary Academy and Middlestown Primary Academy.

The overarching vision for the Trust is to work in one ‘Accord – celebrating the differences of each academy through strong collaboration in order to inspire all members of our learning community to be the best that they can be.

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