PSHE Events and Activities

Children's Mental Health Week

This year’s theme was ‘Growing Together.’ Growing Together is about growing emotionally and finding ways to help each other to grow.  During the week, children across school took part in assemblies, lessons and activities related to their mental health with a focus upon ‘Growing Together.’
In Reception, the children created their own worry dolls in the school wildlife area.  In Year 2, the children enjoyed singing the Jigsaw PSHE song and making their own support balloons to show who supports them and helps them to grow. In Year 5, the children watched the Children’s Mental Health Week assembly and completed the tasks: drawing a balloon containing the people that support us emotionally and drawing a star with a mental health goal in it. The children worked well and understood the concept of growing emotionally. They also completed love hearts that illustrated the positive traits about themselves.

Red Nose Day

Children took part in a variety of ‘Red Nose Day’ activities to raise funds.
Talent shows were hosted whereby we listened to instrumentalists, laughed at jokes, danced in our seats to performances and we even had a few marvellous magicians showcasing their magic tricks!
Here is a joke from George in Year 1, “How many tickles does it take to make an octopus laugh? Tentacles (ten tickles!)

Police Junior Cadets

The children at HPA have taken part in assemblies and sessions with PC Alan Studd from Wakefield Police.
Twelve children were selected from Year 5 as Junior Police Cadets and they took part in workshops and activities. They learnt about the police force and the work that they carry out. The cadets received their own Police cadet badge and certificate.
In June, Isabella and Matthew visited Normanton Police HQ whereby they were able to sit in a police car/van and examine the riot shields and equipment! This was followed by activities at The Training School Operations and Support at Carr Gate. During the Carr Gate session, the children saw a demo from police students in training, met the Chief Constable Mr John Robins QPM, experienced the speed gun and stinger in action, took part in an interactive session with a spaniel puppy and visited the NPAS helicopter and sat inside.
A huge thank you to PC Alan Studd and West Yorkshire Policing for their super Junior Cadets scheme.
We are very much looking forward to taking part again next academic year!

Christmas Jumper Day

The children and staff  displayed a range of Christmas jumpers/T-shirts and festive accessories to fundraise for Save The Children.

Reindeer Run

Children across school took part in the Reindeer Run in December to fundraise vital funds for Wakefield Hospice.


Children In Need

Children attended school wearing non-uniform with a spotty, yellow or Children in Need theme and they took part in a variety of activities in their classrooms.   Children across school created their own Pudsey masks and took part in a Joe Wicks workout. Erin A in 2B had the idea of the “Balance Pennies on a Lemon” challenge – it was pretty tricky!
The total raised for Children in Need was £551.41.

A snapshot of some of our PSHE activities

Reception have created a super relationships poster

A winning poster entry for a kinder world in Year 3

A visit from a police officer in Year 4

Creating a better world in Year 4

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