Science Events and Activities

Science Events and Activities

British Science Week 2024

Children across school took part in workshops with ‘Professor Bubbleworks.’  During these sessions, the children learnt about gravity, water vortexes and gases.  It was a very exciting two days for all involved.  During the week, children took part in activities linked to ‘Healthy Eating.’  Some year groups produced their own healthy lunch box.

Year 5 - Visit from HA STEAM Scouts

Year 5 received an exciting visit from Horbury Academy’s STEAM Scouts, who delivered various sessions to the children. They learnt about stereotypes in STEAM, the impact of carbon dioxide on the planet, how to make their own solar oven and even dissected plants. The Year 5 children had a fantastic day showcasing and further developing their science skills.

Year 5 - Space

Year 5 had the opportunity to experience the solar system like never before with a visit from Wonder Dome and their mobile planetarium. This is an unforgettable experience for the children as they’re transported on a cosmic journey through space to learn more about the stars, planets and wider solar system.

The children followed up this work by learning about the phases of the moon. The children loved using Oreos to represent the 28-day cycle of the phases of the moon. The moon starts as a full moon and moves through the phases such as: waning gibbous, half-moon, waning crescent, new moon, waxing crescent, half-moon, waxing gibbous and back to a full moon.

Reception - Ian's Mobile Farm

Our Reception children had the most wonderful time learning about farm animals when Ian’s Mobile Farm visited. They watched and listened with enthusiasm as Ian told them interesting facts about each animal. The highlights for the children were stroking the animals, brushing the donkeys, sheep and goats, and throwing the ball for Meg, the sheep dog. Kenver commented, ‘When I grow up, I’m going to be a farmer’.

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