Lower Foundation – Kangaroos

Lower Foundation – Kangaroos

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Important information

Resources for home learning:

Websites now have their own page on the Year Group main menu page 

Follow the link below to sign up to a bank of online Rising Stars reading books. Don’t worry if you don’t see any books to begin with as your account needs to be approved. Allow a day or two and then log in again and the books should have appeared. There are a huge variety of books so please spend some time choosing ones that are suitable for your child; we would recommend the Lilac books for Nursery children as they have lots of lovely pictures to discuss with your child. Additionally, you may wish to read some of the books with text to your children and encourage them to talk about the story.

Reading Books Sign Up – Adult E-mail Address Required

Please click on the files/resources below: Week Beginning 30th March

Hello Nursery Kangaroos and welcome to your home learning area. Mrs Kenworthy will be adding activities twice a week for you to have a look at and decide which ones you would like to do. There are activities for Literacy, Mathematics and Topic (relating to this current Half Term’s learning) Have fun!

Literacy Activity:


Introduce the new phoneme of the week: ‘r’


Listen to the song then try and join in.


What objects can you find around your home, inside and out, that begin with the phoneme ‘r’. EG radio, road.

Listen to the bedtime stories which will be posted each week on our school Facebook page. Last week Mrs Longo read ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ by Eric Carle, and Mrs Alvey read ‘Guess How Much I Love You’ by Sam McBratney.

Who will be reading this week’s stories?

Poem Recital:

This week across school, we are asking your child to learn an age appropriate poem off by heart and then to recite it to their family members. Your child’s selected poem is posted below.  This can be family members in their own home but it could also be shared using Facetime or sent by video to other family members outside of the home e.g. grandparents, aunties/uncles, cousins etc. The recitals can also be posted to Facebook to be shared with the school community! Have fun learning the poem!

Writing/Physical Activity:

Continue practising these ‘Dough Disco’ movements using some playdoh (cotton wool balls work just as well):

Open and close their hand,

Squeeze it,

Roll it in to a sausage,

Then roll it in to a ball (to make a sphere). Can you roll it up high? Can you roll it down low? Can you roll it to the side then the other side?

Now pat it,

Pinch it, using snappy fingers (Tommy thumb and Peter pointer).

This can be more fun when you add your favourite music. Dough Disco helps strengthen your finger muscles which is vital for mark making.

Now have a go at writing the grapheme/ letter ‘r’. To help you use and say the rhyme whilst writing it. Remember snappy fingers, hold your pencil nice and tight near the bottom of your pencil and rest your hand on the table. Children in the ‘triangle’ phonics group may be able to write a CVC word – eg run, rat, rag.

‘down the robots back, and curl over its arm’.       

Now have ago at some ‘Sound Discrimination’ Activities

Sound discrimination activities

What did you hear? Can you talk about the noises you heard? Were they loud or quiet? Can you make a loud noise? Can you make a quiet noise?

Maths Activity:

Introduce the number of the week: 8


Go on a number hunt, this can be inside or outside. How many 8’s can you find?

As and when you can throughout your day count to 10, using the tune from the clip above.

Can you count out 8 objects. (These can be a mixture of your toys or it can be 8 spoons)

Now try and write the number 8. You could make it using objects.

Have a go at making your own playdough. I have attached a for your child to follow.

How to make Playdough visual recipe

Topic Linked Activity:


It wasn’t long ago when we had some eggs arrive in the classroom. What happened to them?

Sequence the pictures of the life cycle of a duck. Talk about the pictures saying what happens next.

life cycle of a duck

Its getting close to Easter watch the Easter story. What did he use to tell the story? Can you remember the name of the main character? What happened to him?


I have added some patterned eggs for you to colour in or maybe you could design your own.

Patterned Eggs

Welcome to our Nursery!

We aim to be a friendly, welcoming environment where every child feels happy, safe and secure.

The Nursery children are the ‘Kangaroos’. Mrs Kenworthy is the teacher supported by Mrs Hunt and Miss Goodair.

In nursery, we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum with a strong emphasis on the ‘Prime’ areas of learning; Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Communication and Language and Physical Development. These areas are fundamental and work together to support development in other areas of learning called the ‘Specific’ areas of Learning; Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the World and Expressive Arts and Design.

In nursery, we aim to provide an enabling environment where children learn through play and are challenged, stimulated and engaged. This is planned through fun, purposeful activities, both indoors and outdoors, responding to the children’s interests and stage of development. We are committed to providing positive relationships where children are a valuable member of the team and community. We encourage all children to cooperate and share and to have the confidence to make choices and decisions for themselves.

An information board for parents is displayed in the cloakroom and hard copies of leaflets linked on this page and items of interest for young families are available to read.

Our Indoor Provision

Our Outdoor Provision


Session Times:


Morning sessions

8:30 – 11:30

Afternoon Sessions

12:20 – 3:20

(Please note that we open the doors 10 minutes before the end of each session to ensure the children are released in the safest way possible while allowing staff to pass on any messages regarding your child)

Attendance is really important, should your child be unable to attend their nursery session, please inform a member of staff.

It is very important to us that you and your child feel happy and settled at Nursery, therefore if you have any queries or concerns please do not hesitate to talk to any of our nursery staff.

We are sure your child will thoroughly enjoy their time with us!

EYFS Phonics Meeting for Parents

Thank you to all our parents who came to our phonics meeting, it was lovely to see you all. We hope you found the evening informative and supportive. If you were unable to attend you can see our presentation attached below. We have also listed a range of websites and phonic booklets to support you with your child’s phonics at home.

EYFS Phonics Presentation

Useful Booklets

Aspect 1 Environmental

Aspect 2 Instrumental Sounds booklet

Aspect 3 Body Percussion booklet

Aspect 4 Rhythm & Rhyme booklet

Aspect 5 Alliteration Parent booklet

Aspect 6 Voice Sounds – Parents booklet

Aspect 7 Oral Blending

Phase 2

Useful Websites:

Oxford Owl

Letters and Sounds

Phonics Play

ICT Games

Sports Relief Obstacle Challenge

Spring Fun 2020



Meet our Ducklings

Some eggs arrived in nursery and we thought about what might be inside. Then we observed what happen next. First cracks started to appear then tiny ducklings hatched out of their eggs. We have cared for the ducklings by giving them food, water and a clean home. We have also given them a bath, most days, which they love to go under the water.  Now the ducklings are getting bigger and beginning to grow feathers.


Our Topic for Spring 2 is ‘That’s not my pet’

What do you know about pets?

What do you want to find out?

We have selected three challenges which we ask all parents and carers to support your child and practise them at home. Once you have had a go,  send a ‘wow’ card in to school to say what your child has done to achieve each target, these can then be celebrated with their peers and displayed on the ‘wow’ wall. Challenges and targets are displayed and available in the cloakroom.


Up and Coming Events:

24.02.20 School reopens

25.02.20 Sponsored Pancake Flip

05.03.20 World Book Day

01.04.20 Decorated Egg Competition

03.04.20 Finish for Easter

06.04.20 Easter Holidays (2 weeks)

20.04.20 School reopens


Autumn Fun 2019

Outdoor Exploration and Busy Learning

Indoor Exploration and Busy Learning 

In the Autumn term the nursery children took part in a Sponsored Rhyme Challenge. The children learnt a new rhyme each week for six weeks. At the end of the six weeks we recited all six rhymes to the rest of school. We would like to thank all family and friends who helped and supported us in our challenge as  we raised a massive £526.50. All money raised has been used to purchase resources for the children in nursery.

Christmas Celebrations

Spring Fun

We went on a bear hunt and we traveled through a gate, through some mud, through some long grass then we got to a forest. As we traveled through the forest we had to look for a bear. Once we found a bear we went for a teddy bears picnic.

  • Preparing Your Child For Starting School

  • 4Children What to expect, when Guide

  • Letter Sounds Guide

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