Year 1 – Armadillos and Snow Leopards

Year 1 – Armadillos and Snow Leopards

  • Long Term Plan Year 1 2021-22


1 Armadillos are taught by Mrs Morgan and Mrs Alvey. Mrs Morgan teaches every Monday and Tuesday. Mrs Alvey teaches Wednesday to Friday. They are supported by Mrs Grayston and Mrs Wilson.

1 Snow Leopards are taught by Miss Spalding and Mrs Wynne.  Miss Spalding teaches Monday to Wednesday and Mrs Wynne teaches Thursday and Friday.  They will be assisted by Mrs Clarke.

This half term we will have P.E every Friday and the children should come dressed in their P.E kits for the day.

Key Stage 1

Now that your child has moved into Year 1, they have transitioned from the Early Years Foundation stage Curriculum onto the Key Stage 1 National Curriculum. The subjects covered are English, Maths, Science, Design and Technology, History, Geography, Art and Design, Music, Physical Education and Computing. The curriculum overview for this half term is below.

Each week, all children will experience a balance of structured teacher led activities, independent challenges set by the teachers and free choice exploration within the areas of learning.

The structured teacher led activities introduce new learning and this is then consolidated through independent challenges. We aim for this learning to become ‘Sticky Knowledge’. This is information based on facts and vocabulary which we hope that children will retain in their long term memory and be able to recite when questioned at a later date. In order to embed this information, we will continually revisit facts and vocabulary on a regular basis. We will also share the sticky knowledge with you through Seesaw, so that you too can help this to become secure knowledge. Both the structured sessions and the independent tasks are differentiated to three levels – Basic, Better and Blow My Mind and we also aim to provide higher level challenges to further extend children’s learning.

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Y1 Curriculum Overview Autumn 1

Y1 Curriculum Overview Autumn 2

Y1 Curriculum Overview Spring 1 2022

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Phonics Autumn 1



Year 1 is the first year in Key Stage 1 and the children are learning to work more independently. The classroom environment is set up in a similar way to Upper Foundation Stage, allowing access to continuous provision for learning.

Both classrooms have exciting reading areas where children can read quietly and re-tell stories using the puppets. In addition to this, there are writing areas to explore and consolidate a range of writing genres.

We have different areas of learning including a Science/investigation area, Small World and Role-Play. There are also designated Art and Design Technology areas.

Here are some of our areas of provision that enhance learning:

Autumn Term 1 Theme – All About Me.

During the first half term we were learning all about ourselves.  In Science we named body parts and found out about the five senses in practical investigations.  We talked about how our senses allowed us to observe and understand the world around us. In History, we learned about Louis Braille and how he invented braille for the blind. We explored the difficulties people face when they don’t have one of their senses.

Autumn Term 2 Theme – Whatever the Weather.

During the second half term, in our Geography and Science work, we observed and commented on changes in the seasons and suggested the type of weather in each season. We kept a weather chart and answered questions about the weather. We also explained where we live. To help the children learn their address they labelled and posted a letter home. They had great fun walking to the post box and then sharing with their families at home when it was delivered.

Spring Term 1 Theme – Hot and Cold Places

This half term, in our Geography work, we are finding out about what it would be like in the polar regions and nearer to the equator and what clothes we would wear if we visited these places. We are comparing the temperatures in places like the Arctic and Antarctic to the desert and using maps to locate. In our Design and Technology work we are focusing on moving pictures. We will create our own moving pictures, learning how to make sliders, levers and wheels. We will be thinking about what tools and materials we will use and then how we would improve it next time.

More details about key learning can be found on our half termly curriculum overviews.

Many thanks for your ongoing support.

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