Year 2 – Rhinos and Hippos

Year 2 – Rhinos and Hippos

  • Year 2 Long Term Plan 2019-20


Important Information

 Spellings 11.2.20

The test will be on Monday 24th February

Group A                                                                     Group B

shining                                                                         day

phoning                                                                       play

wand                                                                          hairbrush

wasp                                                                           bedroom

jogged                                                                        leaf

hopped                                                                      beach

smiled                                                                        toy

swiped                                                                       enjoy








3 times table


Homework Thursday 13th February

Learn Its Challenge sheet and reading comprehension work

SP2 Newsletter 2020


Autumn 2:

We have had lots of exciting events this half term! We had a trip from a Science company and took part in a rocket workshop. We also had a Great Fire of London morning where we had a visit from the plague doctor and took part in a dance from 1666.









Autumn 1:

We went on a trip to Lotherton Hall. We learnt more about Florence Nightingale and explored the beautiful grounds.

The teachers in Year 2 are Miss Riley (2 Rhinos) and Mrs Howey (2 Hippos). The Educational Teaching Assistants working in our classes are Mrs Macdonald and Mrs Clarke.

In Year 2, the children have a lot more responsibility and work more independently. As the oldest in KS1, they should set an example to the younger children.

Below is a summary of what we will be covering in English this year. For more details on this, and to look at the other work we do in Year 2, please look at our half termly newsletters which will begin in Autumn 1.


In Year 2 we will be looking at using different sentence types, consolidating our use of punctuation and using a range of conjunctions in our writing. We will also improve our spelling skills and ensure we are applying the spellings which we know.

In reading we will  read a range of genres and complete whole class guided reading activities alongside 1-1 reading with an adult. We will focus on reading fluently, using expression and ensuring children have a range of strategies to decode any unknown words. Additionally, we will look at a variety of questions types to strengthen reading comprehension skills.

Wherever possible, we aim to link reading and writing opportunities to our topic work.

Maths objectives for Year 2:

In our maths lessons, we will be covering many different areas such as:

  • Interpreting and reading scales
  • Measuring (capacity, length and mass)
  • Column method for addition with carrying (regular revision) and subtraction with borrowing.
  • Place value.
  • 2D and 3D shape – identifying shapes and describing their properties (vertices, edges, faces)
  • Data handling (pictograms, bar charts, venn and carroll diagrams)
  • Money – writing and reading amounts, conversion of pence to pounds, calculating change
  • Lines of symmetry
  • Position and direction (left, right, forwards, backwards)
  • Solving two step problems
  • Rounding to the nearest ten and nearest hundred
  • Telling the time
    Links to fun Maths games which support these objectives are listed at the bottom of the page.


Learning links

Please find below some activities and games which link to our learning in class:


Save the whale – number bonds to 10


Number bonds to 20


Numberline mummy


Pay for it – using coins to make amounts of money


Robin Hood doubles


Magic Squares


Lifeguards (place value – partitioning in to tens and units)


Mission 21 – column method



Phonics and spelling games:

DJ Cow spelling patterns wordsearch:



Year 2 – Rhinos and Hippos
Year 2 – Rhinos and Hippos
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