Year 3 – Raccoons and Mammoths

Year 3 – Raccoons and Mammoths

  • Year 3 Long Term Plan 2019-20


Important information

Resources for home learning:

Websites now have their own page on the Year Group main menu page 

Please click on the files/resources below: Week Beginning 30th March

English tasks:

We usually have a good speaking competition around this time of year in school.  Learn the following poem off by heart and perform it to the people in your house or online to your family and friends.

The Ocean Home. au-l-53408-the-ocean-home-poem-english_ver_1

Spellings Look Say Cover Write Check each day test on Friday

address    busy         heart          business       fruit

breathe    strange    complete   extreme     forwards

Word Search


Fiction Express- make sure you’ve read Chapter 4 and voted. Will Samir survive? Will Miss Deeds take over the world!?  Answer the online quiz questions.

Read the next chapter of the story you are reading. Come up with 3 possible ideas for what might happen next and ask your family to vote.

Daily reading-

Fiction express or read your own book for 20 minutes

This week your English work will be based around the book The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch by Ronda and David Armitage

Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch Text


Read or listen to the story. Write a book review. Print off the following or just write your responses in your work book.



Retell the story of the Lighthouse Keepers Lunch- Use the storyboard idea or if you prefer write in paragraphs in your work book and draw a picture at the end of each section or just at the end. Use expanded noun phrases, adverbs to describe actions and speech, use inverted commas, all the features we have used in Year 3.

Story board template The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch


Feelings of the main characters. Use speech bubbles to tell what Mr and Mrs Grinling might say and write down what the seagulls are saying or thinking. Print off the sheet or write up in your book. Describe using expanded noun phrases and use because to explain your reasons.

Day 3 English- character’s



Write down your favourite foods and the things you don’t like to eat. Write instructions to make your favourite sandwich. Look at the example of egg mayo sandwich making to get some ideas. Don’t forget to use imperative/ bossy verbs to say how it is made. Use the template or simply write up in your book.

Day 4 Favourite





Fiction Express- Chapter 5! Finish the story and write a book review. Use the template or create your own.                                                                                                                                                                            Recite your poem.                                                                                                                                                              Spelling test.


Maths tasks:

We would like you to continue to work on maths as part of your home learning.
Please use the following website:

Please work through the lessons from lesson 1 onward, for the Year 3.  Each week, more videos and worksheets will be uploaded for you to work through.

Keep practising your time tables and going onto TT RockStars

Maths Monday 30_3_20

Monday Support examples 30_3_20

Maths Tuesday 31_3_20

If you are finding the subtraction difficult here is a link- sorry its long- it shows the method of exchanging digits including the problem of  zero.  I searched ‘ youtube column subtraction’ and this came up first. Hope it helps. You don’t have to watch all 8 minutes! just fast forward to the relevant section.


Maths Wednesday 1_4_20

Maths Thursday 2_4_20

Maths Friday 3_4_20


Curriculum tasks:

Keep Active Every Day- Jump Around and Dance! Look at the different websites.


History- All About Lighthouses- powerpoint presentation. After working through the slides draw a picture of a lighthouse and label it. Write down some interesting facts about lighthouses that you have found out from the powerpoint or do more research online


Grace Darling- Go through the information powerpoint or information cards then create a fact file about her. Use the template provided or create your own in your book.





D.T-Make a lighthouse- Use recycled materials. Don’t worry about painting in correct colours, use whatever you have at home.

Make a diver using a pen lid, paper clip, a plasticine or plastic toy and a drinks bottle- see the attached document/picture.

Make a



Art- Recreate The Great Wave by Hokusai

The Great Wave

Music- Log in to Charanga click on assignments in YUMU

  • Join in with the poem/song On The Seashore-  during the introduction join in with instruments- play the beat or make up your own rhythms then join in with the words
  • Learn the song- A Wave Went Up My Nose!
  • Create your own sea music- change the sound or instruments as the sea gets rougher or calmer.



Science-Light and Shadows Twinkl powerpoint and worksheet



Exploring Shadows-  you need a sunny day so feel free to wait until we get one! I will leave this link on for over Easter time.




DT- Invent a way of transporting Mr Grinling’s lunch without the seagulls taking it. Think about what it is made from and how it stops the seagulls.

Anti-Seagull invention

Picnic in the garden- watch out for seagulls (Weather dependent)

Golden Time


Remember that golden time is at 2:30pm on Friday. Children make sure  you work hard all week to earn it!


At the moment councils are doing less recycling collections but don’t worry as all clean plastic bottles pots, fruit trays, cardboard, junk mail can be kept and used for different projects.

Learn, Laugh, Keep Active, Keep Singing!!

The Year 3 Team

Stone Age to Iron Age Day 2020 with Mr Clud

Dates for your Diary

Unfortunately we will have to cancel the Spring Term Ukulele concert.


Our PE Sessions are Tuesdays and Fridays in Spring 2



Spellings-   13th-20th March

Prefix –re

redo                                        refresh                              return                               reappear                              redecorate                              replay                                reaction                              review                               recycling                                 rebound


Homework– 13th March– 20th March

Your task this week is to create your own Bug Hotel or Room or bird feeder for your garden. You can use any material you want to. You could draw a design/picture of your work or take a photo.

Year 3 Team





Spring 2 Newsletter

Reading Challenge 2020

Spring 1 Newsletter

Autumn 1 newsletter

Autumn 2 newsletter

Year 3 welcome meeting PP with photos

The Year 3 teachers are Mrs Mower, Mr Rhodes, Mrs Kilroy, Mrs Crook and Mrs Norfolk. 

In Key Stage 2 our classes are named after animals Mr Rhodes’ class will be known as 3 Raccoons and Mrs Mower’s class will be known as 3 Mammoths.

Year 3 is an important year as it represents the jump from KS1 to KS2. Across the year we strive to further develop the children’s levels of responsibility and the growth of independence. We aim to create a stimulating and challenging environment for the children to develop the skills and confidence that they need as they move up KS2, and ensure that learning is always fun.


In English we deliver a book led curriculum and cover a wide range of genres in our writing. We will write fiction and non-fiction texts including reports, instructions, narratives, recounts, character descriptions and letters.  

Reading is an important skill that we will continue to develop in Year 3. Both of the classrooms have reading books for the children.

Each school day also starts with whole class focused reading.   The children will be carrying out a range of activities such as: inferential questions, literal questions, true and false questions, ordering and word meanings.


In Maths we use Big Maths and include problem solving and investigation work. All areas of maths are taught across the year, from the more basic number element, to work on measures including time and data handling. Methods to help improve our mental maths are an important part of each and every lesson.

Home Learning:

Reading: Children will bring home a reading book to share and enjoy. Please read with your child and ask them to fill in their reading record. The children can read their own books from home or choose one from school if they are confident readers.

Learning links:

Here are a variety of links to some websites and games to support our learning in class:


Times tables – Hit the Button:

10 more and 10 less – Numberline Mummy:

Ordering numbers:

Calculation balance:






Prefixes and suffixes:

If you have any questions, queries or if there is anything at all we can help with please feel free to contact the Year 3 staff by telephone.

Year 3 – Raccoons and Mammoths
Year 3 – Raccoons and Mammoths
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