Year 5 – Wombats and Mountain Lions

Year 5 – Wombats and Mountain Lions

  • Long Term Plan Year 5 2021-22


Welcome 5 Wombats and 5 Mountain Lions

All Year 5 children will enter the school building by walking up the school drive and entering the main Reception.

The staggered start time for Year 5 is 8:45am and the staggered exit time is 3:15pm. 

Spellings and reading books

We will be sending home spelling sheets.  Please work with your child to practise their spellings.

Each week, we will focus on a spelling rule and the children will practise words associated with this rule on a daily basis by completing their look, say, cover, write, check in class.  A second sheet will be sent home on a Monday for practise at home.  In addition to the spelling rule, the children will also be given two common exception words to spell each week.  Please check that your child is bringing home their spelling sheet and practising for 5-10 minutes per day. There will be no weekly spelling test but there will be weekly spelling homework.   Weekly spellings will be displayed here.

Big Group:

Small group:

Here are the spelling homework sheets for this week:

Year 5 Week 3 Spellings Big Group

Year 5 Week 3 Spellings Small Group

We have provided a range of activities and your child may wish to complete all of them or a number of them.  Please send images of your child’s spelling work in on SeeSaw and they will receive Pride Points.

Here are some spelling websites that you may wish to use to practise your spellings:

Please use the online dictionary to help with the meaning of any unfamiliar words –

This link shows the Year5/6 spelling list from the National curriculum.

Reading – 

All children will be issued with a reading book.   If your child has a book that they are reading at home, this may be brought into school.  The children have the opportunity to select books from the school and the class libraries and take them home. Please check that your child is coming home with their reading book and reading it. The children will be expected to read regularly at home.  Although we encourage the children to read regularly, this may only be a couple of pages or 5 to 10 minutes. The children will be taking part in one to one reading with their class teachers/teaching assistant. Please ensure that your child brings their reading book back to school each day as they may be asked to read with their class teacher or Miss Huntington.

All children have been issued with a home reading record.  These are to be filled in by your child but please feel free to also add parent comments. We ask that home reading records are signed and dated by parents before they are returned to school. We encourage the children to bring them to school each day alongside their reading book. The children will be completing a new reading challenge this year and these are displayed in the classrooms! Each time they read a book, they will be awarded a stamp!

Bronze = 10 PridePoints

Silver = 5 Merits and a dip in the prize box

Gold = Select a book and a book mark

Each time your child reads at home, they will be awarded a raffle ticket! These raffle tickets will be placed into our  special reading boxes! At the end of the half term, tickets will be selected and a book token awarded. Keep an eye out for exciting developments!


We love reading in Year 5! ERT (Everyone Reads Together) is taking place 3 times a week.   This is a time when all of the children have the opportunity to sit and enjoy reading their books.  The teachers and teaching assistants also read their books!


The Year 5 teachers are Miss Williamson and Miss Moody.  We are assisted by Miss Huntington.

Miss Williamson’s class is 5 Wombats and Miss Moody’s class is 5 Mountain Lions

Mrs Norfolk and Mrs Crook will teach on a Friday afternoon (PPA).

Helpful Maths websites.

Please click on the links:

Top Marks maths games

Prodigy maths

Sum Dog Maths

BBC Supermovers

BIG Maths

Each day the children take part in BIG Maths work. These are usually CLIC sessions. CLIC stands for:


Learn Its

It’s Nothing New


The children will also take part in weekly BIG Maths CLIC tests where they aim to beat their previous score.

In school, we keep the last test of each half term.  The other tests will be sent home with your child so please take a look at it with your child and help them to practise.

Learn Its

The Learn Its for this week are the x6 tables

Please come and talk to us to find out more about BIG Maths or click on the link below

What is BIG Maths?

Go Noodle and Supermovers

Both of these websites are brilliant at encouraging physical activity.  Go Noodle does require a log in which is an e-mail address and a password of your choice.  Both websites are free to use.

Year 5 is an important year and sees the children make the transition to upper key stage two. In year 5, we look to place more responsibility on the children by encouraging them to be more mature in their approach to their learning. It is important to see the children taking greater ownership of their learning becoming more independent and reflective.

In year 5 we encourage the children to continue their learning at home. Each child will be provided with their own login details for:

Times Tables Rockstars

Microsoft Teams

The Year 5 Curriculum

We have a very exciting Year 5 Autumn 1 planned : ) Please click on the line to view our objectives for this half term.

Science – Properties and Changes of Materials

History – Crime and Punishment

Music – Livin’ on a Prayer (Bon Jovi)

Art – L.S Lowry

Overview of Year 5 – Autumn 1

Homework – 

Please return homework electronically either using SeeSaw or Teams.  Spelling Homework will be given out on a Monday and other homework will be given on a Friday and must be returned by the following Thursday.  Please check here and on Teams for the weekly homework tasks.  All children have been provided with their new password for Teams.  The children will be using their same password for school and home so we please request that these passwords are not changed at home.

It is Green Week this week so we are asking the children to:

Make a model from recyclable materials linked to their Crime and Punishment topic 

We have included this week’s Presentation that shows the Anglo-Saxon Punishments

Lesson Presentation Anglo-Saxon punishments

PE and Swimming 

For each swimming session your child will require the appropriate kit, for girls the ideal swimwear is a one piece bathing suit and for boys close fitting above the knees trunks or shorts.  We have been advised by the swimming teacher that baggy shorts hamper your child’s ability to swim.  Children can bring goggles and they will need a swimming hat.   Your child should also have a towel and a bag to carry all of their things.

No jewellery must be worn for swimming sessions – it cannot be simply covered up. This does include pierced earrings. 


P.E will take place this half term on a Monday afternoon.  5ML and 5W will both be completing hockey sessions .  These sessions will be taught alongside Mr Wales.

Please be aware that no jewellery is to be worn for PE and this includes fitness watches. If your child wears earrings, please cover them with plasters for P.E lessons if they have been recently pierced or remove them if your child has had them in for longer than 6 weeks.

Please ensure that your child arrives in their school PE kit (no bright coloured leggings/football shorts etc).

Golden Time

Golden Time takes place on a Friday afternoon.  We are awaiting information regarding bringing items into school.

Year 5 – Wombats and Mountain Lions
Year 5 – Wombats and Mountain Lions
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