Year 6 – Hyenas and Capybaras

Year 6 – Hyenas and Capybaras

  • Long Term Plan Year 6 2019-20

  • Welcome Meeting Presentation

  • SATs Meeting Presentation


Important information

Resources for home learning:

Websites now have their own page on the Year Group main menu page 

Please click on the files/resources below: Week Beginning 30th March

Hi Year 6,

How has your first week of home learning been? We hope you have managed to complete the work and learn lots in the process. It’s important to keep active too so make sure you include exercise into your routine each day and have active blasts in between your learning. We know you will be working hard! Take care everyone and keep safe.

The Year 6 Team

Just thought I would share some of our crafting as we (Mrs Cartwright and my daughter Martha) thought you may want to have a go too. We have used every day materials (milk bottles, coke bottles, card board and paper) to make elephants, lions and giraffes. Miss Huntington has also made a rainbow by using a paper technique called quilling. It is stunning! Sending lots of smiles and positive thoughts!

English tasks:

Poem Recital:

This week across school, we are asking each child to learn a poem. We are asking you to learn an age appropriate poem off by heart and then recite it to your family members. This can be family members in your home but you could also use Facetime or send it by video to other family members outside of the home e.g. grandparents, aunties/uncles, cousins etc. You can also post your poem recital on Facebook in order to share it with the school community!

The poem we have chosen for Year 6 is called, ‘The Listeners.’ This poem does have a number of verses so it is a huge challenge to learn each one by memory. Try to learn one or two verses first and see how you do. Remember to share your hard work with family and friends. Click the link below to access the poem.

The Listeners by Walter De La Mare

The comprehension below is to be completed over the first two weeks as there are three parts to it.

Comprehension-NARRATIVE – Wk 1-2 23.3.20

Writing – There are 3 tasks this week all based on an image of a mountain pass. Your tasks are:  character description, figurative language revision and sentence work, setting description and writing a short story. Each task is explained, along with hints, tips and resources on the slide show below.

Writing – Week 2- 30.3.20 – Narrative


Week 2 30.3.20 Grammar EMW 5.rtf

Week2 30.3.20 Grammar EMW 6.rtf

Spellings – Statutory Words- week 2 30.3.20

Maths tasks:

We would like you to continue to work on maths as part of your home learning.
Please use the following website:

Please work through the lessons from lesson 1 onward, for the Year 6.  Each week, more videos and worksheets will be uploaded for you to work through.

Arithmetic EMW 3 Week 2 – 30.3.20

Arithmetic EMW 4.rtf Week 2 – 30.3.20

Reasoning EMW 3 Week 2 -30.3.20

Reasoning EMW 4 Week 2 -30.3.20

equivalent-fractions-questions Week 2 – 30.3.20

equivalent-fractions-solutions Week 2 – 30.3.20

Solutions for last weeks decimal arithmetic booklet decimal-arithmetic-solutions

Curriculum tasks: 

Art self-abstract-self-portraits Week 2 – 30.3.20

History-WW1 Food-Wk 2 30.3.20

We have added a transcript from a WW1 soldier to help you complete the food table.

Soldiers interview-WW1 Food Task Resource.docx

Science- Science – Big-cats-how-endangered-are-they week 2- 30.3.20


Live sign language at 1pm each day

British Sign Language – Live Online (Natasha Lamb)

Finally, there are new tasks  for this week set on Purple Mash 2dos for maths and English.

Remember that golden time is at 2:30pm on Friday.  Make sure that your child has worked hard all week to earn it!


30.3.20  – Statutory Words

Statutory Words- week 2


Reading – to read at least 3 times a week.  Don’t forget that you could find out some information about the munitions factories in WW1, read a bedtime story to a younger sibling or read your book!  Don’t forget to get your planner signed by an adult. 


Welcome to year 6! Please find below a welcome letter which contains relevant information for starting year 6.

Welcome to Year 6 Letter


Autumn Term Update

What a busy first term we have had in Year 6!  In the first half term, our topic was looking at the effects of coastal erosion on the east coast of Yorkshire.  All of the year group went on a field trip to Filey where we were able to see firsthand the effects that erosion has had. As the weather was so beautiful, we spent most of the day on the beach;  had fish and chips sat outside; played cricket and rounders on the beach; created sand sculptures and then finished the day off with an ice-cream.  Much fun was had and the children were a credit to the school!

After the half term break, we took a trip back in time and came face-to-face with a Mayan who spent the day with us.  The children even met a famous king from the Mayan era – King Higgins!

December was a very busy month for us all.  Our Year 6 children visited the festival of cribs at Horbury Methodist Church and we hosted our first Fiver Challenge Christmas Fayre.  This was a tremendous success.  The children planned and prepared everything to sell at the fayre and they raised a whopping £1177.39.  The proceeds from the fayre will be split between school funds, Diabetes UK and Childhood Leukaemia Research.  Many thanks to our parents and carers for the support which you have given towards making this event such a huge success!

The final week of term was busy and all the school walked to St Mary’s Chruch for our annual Christmas Carol Service.  Our Year 6 children helped to support our youngest children in Reception on their first walk to the church.  On the last afternoon, much fun was had by everyone in Year 6 during our Christmas party.  We all thoroughly enjoyed our party!

Year 6 Key Dates:

SATS Meeting
Wednesday 5th February 2020 at 5:30pm

Year 6 Parents evening (please note this is a different date to the rest of school)
Wednesday 4th March and Thursday 5th March 2020

Monday 11th May to Thursday 14th May 2020

Residential Meeting
Wednesday 20th May 2020 at 5:30pm

Year 6 Residential to Water Park
6H – Monday 13th July to Wednesday 15th July 2020

6C – Wednesday 15th July to Friday 17th July 2020


The Year 6 teachers are Mr Higgins, Mrs Cartwright and Mrs Yarnold. We are supported by Miss Huntington and Mrs Wilson.

Year 6 is the final year at Horbury Primary Academy before the children leave us to go to their chosen high school. During their journey through Year 6, the children will continue to develop their understanding across the school curriculum. However, as well as this, we also place great emphasis on developing confidence and responsibility in our pupils through a wide range of learning experiences, mentoring roles and job responsibilities across the school.

Year 6 Jobs

Throughout the course of Year 6, the children are encouraged to undertake responsibilities around school. This can come in the form of mentoring roles, representative positions and jobs. We aim to rotate job responsibilities every half term so that everyone has the opportunity to experience a job.


There are weekly P.E sessions for our children. Therefore, each child should ensure that they have the appropriate kit for these sessions. The children need to bring their kit on a Monday and take it home on a Friday. As the weather warms up, there may be opportunities to take part in additional PE sessions.

P.E kits

P.E is a statutory subject and all children are required to take part. If your child is suffering from an injury that prevents them from taking part then please contact the school by telephone or by a note passed to the class teacher. Thank you.

If your child does not bring their kit or brings the wrong kit then they will be issued with a letter which we ask you to sign and return to school. If your child is unable to do P.E please ensure that they have a note to explain why.


Please ensure that if your child requires medication, the school office has been notified and a permission slip has been completed. If your child has an inhaler please ensure that this is passed to the class teacher.

E-mail address to send in homework/school projects:

Useful Websites:

  1. An excellent resources which provides 5 questions on each focus and instant feedback
  2. Weekly activities will be set using SPAG.COM
  3. Fun interactive revision  

GPS Practice tests:

Grammar and punctuation test 1

Grammar and punctuation test 2

Grammar and punctuation test 3

Grammar and punctuation test 4

Grammar and punctuation test 5

Grammar and punctuation test 6

Past SATS Papers:

2016 Sample GP

2016 Sample spelling

2016 SAT GP

2016 SAT Spelling

Grammar Mats:

Mat 1

Mat 2

Mat 3

Mat 4

Mat 5


Useful websites:

Maths SATS Revision by topic

































Arithmetic Test 1

Arithmetic Test 2

Arithmetic Test 3

Arithmetic Test 4

Arithmetic Test 5

Past SAT Papers

2016 Sample SATS arithmetic paper 1

2016 Sample SATS reasoning paper 2

2016 Sample SATS reasoning paper 3

2016 Maths SAT – arithmetic paper 1

2016 Maths SAT – reasoning paper 2

2016 Maths SAT – reasoning paper 3

Year 6 – Hyenas and Capybaras
Year 6 – Hyenas and Capybaras
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